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The band does change a little from time to time as players this good do get very busy and are always in high demand. 

I have been so fortunate over the years to have access

to these special and amazing musicians. 

They are truly some of the best and I am honoured to work with

them and find them inspiring & generous people to be around. 


The band and I have many shows that we are performing for 2020/21. 


01. The INXSessive Jazz Show, the ten years if hits, 87 to 97 from Australia's greatest pop-rock band. One Set, 11 songs and lots of fun. 


02. Darker, Song From Leonard Cohen, 17 tracks from the master of lyrics.

The band and I are currently planning the release this May 2020 of, 

Cam Giles - D A R K E R - Songs From Leonard Cohen.


03. Classic Standards, Bennett, Ella, Old Blue Eyes and more. A nighty minute selection of golden hits from the classic jazz era.


04. Originals and remixes, pop tracks with a jazzy edge, Bowie, U2, Goo Goo Dolls, 10CC and a lot more. As well as a stack of new songs the band and I are currently working on. 


05. Gut Bucket, nighty minutes of naughty blues & rude shuffles.

It's gutsy, loud & a bucket of fun for everyone.  

Drums, Ryan Menenzes, Kerin Rafferty.

Bass, Gavin Pearce, Jordan Tarento, Kim May.

Piano, Brett Rosenberg, Steve Sedergreen,

Daniel Robertson, Jarrah Whyte.

Guitar, Lance Sue, Jack Pantazis.

Saxophone, Horns, Lachlan Davidson,

Damon Grant,

Paul Williamson.

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